#SuperGlue7 on Trial in Canberra



On Thursday 29th March 2018 the #SuperGlue7, who superglued themselves to the railing of the House of Representatives' public gallery in November 2016, were rightly found Not Guilty of intentionally damaging Commonwealth property. We maintain that the real damage is being done by Peter Dutton. We will continue to act until there is #Justice4Refugees.


Post Court Media Statement by #SuperGlue7

We acknowledge we gather today on Ngunnawal country. We pay respect to the Ngunnawal and many other tribes part of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. We also pay our respects to Elders past,  present and emerging. Sovereignty of the land has never been ceded.

We wish to thank Tim Sharman for representing us in this matter.

In late 2016 we delivered a message to parliamentarians about the humanitarian crisis underway because of the current refugee regime. We wanted to let them know that members of both major parties are complicit in the murder, rape, torture and child abuse of refugees and asylum seekers.

Today we were rightly found not guilty of intentionally damaging commonwealth property.

We charge that the real damage to the commonwealth is being caused by politicians like Peter Dutton, who are intentionally destroying the lives of people guilty of nothing more than seeking a safe home. The concentration of power and mismanagement of the so-called super ministry of Home Affairs is a blight and disgrace on our democracy. The only thing super about Peter Dutton’s ministry is its ability to inflict harm on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Who would believe that 2018 Australia would include dawn raids to snatch individuals from their homes? Who would believe that forcible deportations would become a part of the Australian government’s everyday activities? Deportations, that in some cases constitute refoulement, an international crime.

Children are being forcibly separated from their families – a reality disgracefully known all too well by First Nations peoples. A reality that needs to stop.

Australia is becoming a world leader in cruelty – and the silence from Labor deafening. Both sides of politics have criminalised the act of asking for help. Both the Liberal Nationals – and the Labor Party - have lost their moral compass.

Until every single person in offshore detention is evacuated and resettled safely, until every single person in onshore detention is released into the community, we will continue to act. We stand defiant and we urge all Australians to stand up for what is right. We refuse to be complicit to this murderous regime.

This is still a state of emergency. This is still a humanitarian crisis.


Watch the video of the statement and media conference below

The seven members of WACA who super glued themselves to the railing of the public gallery in November 2016 will be appearing in the Canberra Supreme Court to face trial by jury beginning Tuesday the 27th March 2018.  Read our full media release.

Tim Buchannan, Jason Ray, Samantha Hawker, Hannah Grant, Phil Evans, Chamomilla Hill and Sally Hunter are facing charges of “intentionally damaging commonwealth property”, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in jail.


Two others, Pat Holmes and Kat Woskett, faced lesser charges from the second day of protests, when they abseiled down the front of Parliament house with a banner reading “Close the Bloody Camps Now #Justice4Refugees”. They were find $1500 each.


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Part one on why we interrupted Parliament

- video Sean Bedlam

Part two on why we interrupted Parliament

- video Sean Bedlam

For more on why we interrupted, check out our Op Ed published in The Guardian, the statement released by those on trial following our previous court appearance, and our mic check from the public gallery.

Please support those facing trial for speaking truth to power and donate to WACA today.


WACA members stand trial for Parliament protest

Video statement outside of Canberra court 12/07/17

Media Release Friday 23rd March 2018

Feature Photo: Rohan Thomson/AAP