Stop the TPP enabling legislation and release the TPP text for public debate, independent legal review and parliamentary vote before ratifying.


Ban ISDS from all treaties and trade agreements.


Reform the Australian treaty process to ensure democractic process, parliamentary debate and votes on all trade deals.

WACA has been campaigning against the TPP since 2011.

In 2012 we staged 9 days of protest at the Melbourne talks, including locking on at the opening day of the negotiations. On the last day of the talks in 2012 we crashed a live broadcast of Channel 7 nightly news to break the media black out on the TPP in Australia.

In 2013 we worked to raise awareness, with forums, rallies, lobbying and direct actions against corporations and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In 2014 we began work on building alliances with the environment movement, unions and the medical profession, encouraging them to speak out on the impacts of the TPP. In the same year delegates from WACA spoke and helped to also organise resistance to the TPP at the G20 in Brisbane.

In 2015 we were founding organizers of the TPP Union and Community Roundtable, a collective of groups and union delegates working together to stop the TPP and to achieve long term reforms around ISDS and treaty approval processes. This group is currently active and fighting the enabling legislation for ratifying the TPP.