WACA has been campaigning to stop corporations profiteering from perpetual war for many years and to end the militarisation of our public policy, border security, police and community (including online). We are currently working in partnership with students at the University of Melbourne to Lockout Lockheed Martin from their campus.


The University of Melbourne has partnered with the world’s largest weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, to build the largest arms research centre outside of the USA.
Whilst students struggle to gain careers in medical research, psychology, business, social services, ecology and the arts, areas that contribute to making our world a better place, the University of Melbourne is handing over its reputation and campus to researching weapons of war and death, draining the intelligence of up to fifty PhD students at any one time.  The consequences of this will be brutal.


WACA and Lockout Lockheed are calling for the University to commit to:


Terminating all current or forthcoming contracts, partnerships and any other working relationships between the University and Lockheed Martin.


Pledging to exclude arms manufacturers, weaponry research and other companies dealing in warfare from all of the University's current and future business, financial and research relationships 


We support the students of Melbourne University calling on their University to cut all ties with Lockheed Martin, the world's biggest arms manufacturer.
WACA is also calling on all Australian Universities to end their complicity in the 'war on terror' and cut ties with arms manufacturers profiteering and contributing to the deaths of millions of civilians across the globe. Those currently associated with universities in Australia and lurking in our communities, include; Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Elbit Systems, Raytheon, Thales and BAE.

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Background Information

Australian Universities Becoming Militarised - Alex Edney-Browne

ABC Interview with Lockheed Martin Chief Technology officer Dr Keoki Jackson.