WACA was once Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance. We formed in 2010 after the release of 'Collateral Murder' to give support to Chelsea Manning, whistleblowers, activists and the global transparency movement led by Julian Assange at the time.

Despite our disagreement with Julian around the 2013 election in Australia we passionately support Wikileaks mission to expose and publish secret documents in the public interest.

We are appalled and saddened by the expulsion of Julian from the Ecuadorian Embassy and his arrest by UK police. The arrest of Julian should be of concern to every journalist around the world who attempts to hold the US Empire to account.

We will act in solidarity with his mother Christine, family and supporters to secure Julian’s safety and freedom.

With Julian recently being issued with a new Australian passport, we call on the Australian Government to stand up to the US/UK Governments to prevent Julian’s extradition to the USA and to bring him home to safety in Australia.

written by 
Sam Castro and Kaz Cochrane on behalf of WACA.

Find out more here > https://defend.wikileaks.org/
#FreeAssange #FreeChelseaManning