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Activists paid a visit to Border Force this week, to send messages of thanks to Shaun Hanns, former employee of the Home Affairs Office, for speaking out about the blatant injustice disguised as stopping the boats.

It became a race to the finish as the Building Manager responded to the chalked messages with buckets of hot water, but they nevertheless prevailed in sending the message to all the workers at Border Force that they too can stand up and speak out about the unacceptable and inhumane policies they are asked to enforce by 'just doing their jobs'
#RefuseToBeComplicit #BreakTheSilence #EndDetention










We are disrupting the Treasury building over the Victorian Government’s million dollar contracts with refugee abusers #WilsonSecurity. Hey Dan why are you giving public money to tax evaders and human rights abusers? #NoBusinessInAbuse #CancelTheContracts #BoycottWilson #Justice4Refugees





Refugee supporters disrupt QANTAS check at Melbourne airport over forced deportations. They are currently explaining why Qantas must take a stand #NoBusinessInAbuse #Disrupt2018 #StopDeportations



Children's March for Nauru





Melbourne activists have blockaded the head office of the Herald Sun, denouncing the newspaper’s divisive political agenda and calling for a statewide boycott of the polarising periodical.

The alliance united at the paper’s Southbank offices early this morning to launch the first action of #Disrupt2018, a month-long campaign of decentralised anti-capitalist action.

“The Herald Sun inundates readers with racist, sexist, anti-queer propaganda as a way of satisfying its servile commitment to the demands of the overserviced, overrepresented few,” Disrupt spokesperson Zianna Fuad said. “We are present at Herald Sun headquarters today to stand in opposition to the Murdoch media’s pathological promotion of the interests of corporate scumbags and their investment in the industries of war, refugee detention and climate change.”

The protest calls on Murdoch media journalists to stop fuelling hate, naming the paper as a propaganda machine responsible for upholding the systems of oppression that serve the powerful. They take issue with the concentration of media ownership in Australia, with Murdoch media owning over 80% of media in Australia.

“Journalists have a code of ethics,” Zianna Fuad said. “We want to know, what happened to the ethics of the journalists working at the Herald Sun? We call on them to refuse to be complicit in the paper’s harmful portrayals of marginalised communities.”

“The Disrupt campaign is about targeting corporate scumbags like Rupert Murdoch and his cronies including all the patriarchal dinosaurs on Sky News up late who moonlight as columnists here at the Herald Sun,” Disrupt spokesperson Charlotte Lynch said. “We refuse to stand by and be silent while Murdoch media sells a narrative committed to exploiting the earth and safeguarding white supremacy and patriarchy.”