Day One 1/12/2016


We travelled to Parliament to speak truth to both sides of politics. To tell them that they are complicit in the murder, rape, torture and child abuse of refugees, that they are playing political games with people’s lives. We did this to demand that they close the bloody camps and evacuate every man, woman and child on Manus Island, Christmas Island and Nauru.


Part one on why we interrupted Parliament - video Sean Bedlam


Part two on why we interrupted Parliament - video Sean Bedlam


This is what we said:

We are here today
because you are all complicit
in the murder, rape, torture and child abuse of refugees

because Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas island
are death camps

because every single person
in offshore detention
must be evacuated immediately

this is a state of emergency
this is a humanitarian crisis

we are here today
to tell every single one of you
you are all complicit

to tell you
to close the camps

we are here today
because you have become
world leaders in cruelty

because there is
no opposition to cruelty

you shame us
on the international stage

you have failed
every single person
seeking asylum

your policies
are killing innocent people

your policies
are separating families

you use our money
to abuse refugees

we are here today
because the madness
must stop

because you have failed us
as our representatives

you are not leaders
you are fear mongers

you are playing politics
with peoples lives

you have criminalised
the act of asking for help

you have all
lost your moral compass

we are here today
because your policies
are breaking our hearts

because every day
on Manus island, Christmas island and Nauru
is another day in hell

because you all have
blood on your hands

because white Australia
is built on spilt blood

we are here today
to hold you to account
for the damage
already done

to tell you
we will not stop
until you close the detention centres
and until there is justice for refugees

we are here today
because we have
boundless plains to share

close the bloody camps now!


Day Two 2/12/2016

While the AFP relaxed after dealing with democracy, we hit parliament again hard (in the softest possible way).


This is why we did it

Media Release: Refugee Activists Scale Parliament House with Call to Close the Bloody Camps


Date: 01/12/2016

Refugee activists take over Parliament House on final sitting days.

Politicians have arrived at Parliament House this morning to find two climbers suspended off the roof with a banner reading “Close The Bloody Camps #Justice4Refugees”. Outside Parliament, members of Whistleblowers Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA) have also turned the water feature into a bloody pool, representing deaths from turnbacks at sea with signs reading ‘Turnbacks Are Murder’ and ‘Blood On Your Hands’

Today’s action is a continuation of yesterday’s interruption of the House of Representatives by members of WACA, where they unfurled banners reading “You Are All Complicit – Close the Camps Now” and “Stop Trading Lives – Close the Camps Now” while others super-glued themselves to the gallery.

WACA spokesperson Kat Moore stated, “We are here today to tell the Australian Parliament they are all complicit in the murder, rape, torture and child abuse of refugees. This is a state of emergency and a humanitarian crisis. Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island are death camps. Every single person in offshore detention must be evacuated immediately and the camps shut down. There are also many asylum seekers who have languished for years in onshore detention facilities, these people must also be resettled immediately in the community.”

Over fifty refugee supporters congregated in Canberra from around the country for two days of actions cumulating in today's banner drop of Parliament House. Neither the Government nor the Opposition can be taken seriously whilst Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island remain open. Both sides of politics continue to violate human rights, through indefinite detention, supporting turnbacks, and by refusing to take responsibility for the resulting deaths at sea.

WACA spokesperson Zianna Fuad stated, “It is clear that the Government’s offshore detention policy has failed. Instead we have become world leaders in cruelty, traumatising thousands of people who came to us seeking asylum and safety. The policy is in direct violation of the UN refugee convention. The Government’s US Deal is nothing but a desperate attempt to disguise the establishment of a permanent island prison on Nauru.”

WACA has maintained pressure on the Government and Opposition all year through peaceful direct action, including an interruption of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s keynote speech at a CEDA event in August, when a member of the group successfully invaded the stage with a sign reading “FFS Close the Bloody Camps”.

Ms Fuad added, “The Government and the Opposition are playing politics with people’s lives. The continued violation of human rights means that members and everyone else complicit in the detention industry should expect growing, widespread protests and civil disobedience until the camps are permanently closed.”

For further information:







and again on the 11/5/17

 WACA shuts down Melbourne Border Force 11/5/17



WACA is currently running a campaign to Boycott and Blockade Wilson Security, the Australian corporation currently holding security contracts for both Manus Is and Nauru.

Click HERE for more information on the Boycott Wilson campaign

Stop corporations profiteering from the detention of refugees.

Transfield (Broadspectrum), Wilson Security, Serco, G4S

After Broadspectrum's recent sale to Spanish corporation Ferrovial, the new owners announced they will not continue to the detention arm of the business. That's one link in the supply chain gone and three more to go!