boycott_wilson.jpgWilson Security is subcontracted by Broadspectrum (the Merchants of Misery formerly known as Transfield) to provide security services on Australia's offshore detention centres in Nauru and Manus - where they are described by some as "on-island Gestapo".

Within Australia, their guards protect government buildings, foreign embassies and politicians and of course are well known for their many carparks. Since 2013 and the election of the Coalition government, Wilsons have successfully bid for more than $478 million worth of contracts. 

There seems to be a never ending stream of allegations of guards on Nauru and Manus Island being involved in rape, violent bashings and trading drugs for sexual favours with female inmates. To make matters worse, Wilson have been flying accused guards off the islands to avoid justice and scrutiny.

Then, we heard just weeks ago that Wilson were involved in the Panama Papers and linked to the arrests of two brothers in one of Hong Kong's largest corruption scandals.

Not in our name. WACA calls on supporters and allies to boycott Wilson - especially their profitable carparks - to say that this Merchant of Misery is not fit to do business in this country - or anywhere else.



On Saturday 3rd September, we asked people to either Boycott or Blockade Wilson Security carparks. We blockaded  one of their central CBD carparks for our national day of action.


BLOCKADE: Join a blockade collective or form your own group of like-minded people and blockade a Wilson Security carpark during morning peak hours in major cities.

BOYCOTT: If you drive into the city, check this list of non-Wilson Security carparks, and choose a different option –  for every time you use carparking in the city.

FLYER: Join or create a Boycott Wilson collective to distribute Boycott Wilson flyers on windscreens of cars parked in Wilson car parks, or choose a central location to hand out flyers to passers-by.

GET CREATIVE: Paste up Boycott Wilson posters next to Wilson pay machines and adjacent to Wilson carparks around your town or city. 

Can’t come to an action but want to support from home or work? 

Join in on social media and create a storm #BoycottWilson #CloseTheCamps 

Does your work or university campus have a contract with Wilson Security? Write to management asking that they #CancelTheContracts. See #NoBusinessInAbuse

Send a feedback email to

Write a message about why you are boycotting Wilson and share on social media

Post news of your actions on this page, we will collate and promote them.

When share profits dive, shareholders become risk averse and will change strategy. This has been evident in the takeover of Broadspectrum, another profiteer of the detention centre industry, by Ferrovial, which has announced that it will not engage in the management of detention centres.

Together we can demonstrate that tax evaders and human rights abusers Wilson Security have no social licence to continue to profit off human suffering.


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Abuse of Refugees

Panama Papers

Non Wilson Car Parks


Downloadable Resources

400 more days of Wilson Security hell poster

Wilson Security takes 'pride' in its performance poster

Melbourne-specific National Day of Action flyers to distribute in the lead-up to the event

#BoycottWilson Poster ready to be put up in your suburb

Download and print some signs to bring on the day - DANGER! HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSERS AHEAD or PROPERTY OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSERS

Generic #BoycottWilson Flyers ready to print and hand out on the day

Paint your own banner using one of our designs - our old favourite "Wilson Security Abuse Refugees" or the adaptable "Blood On Your Hands - Cancel Wilson's Contracts" that can have the name of any company inserted - or create your own!!

Wil$on $ecurity - PROFITING FROM REFUGEES PARKED ON NAURU/MANUS IS. stickers - Photoshop editable PDF