WACA is unapologetic in its commitment to resistance through non violent direct action. When our leaders refuse to act, the community must step forward, take action and lead the way.

#SuperGlue7 on Trial in Canberra

  On Thursday 29th March 2018 the #SuperGlue7, who superglued themselves to the railing of the House of Representatives' public gallery in November 2016, were rightly found Not Guilty of intentionally damaging Commonwealth property. We maintain that the real damage is being done by Peter Dutton. We will continue to...

Unite with your fellow workers, not the state!

It has been a busy few weeks for activists in Melbourne. The Australian government forced a humanitarian crisis with its cruel treatment of refugees and asylum seekers held as political prisoners on Manus Island. Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton’s starvation and dehydration tactics and denial of medical aid...

NGV: Cancel the contract with Wilson Security

  The National Gallery of Victoria has just taken up a new contract with Wilson Security, the firm violently enforcing the incarceration of refugees and people seeking asylum on Manus Island and Nauru. By doing business with Wilson Security, the NGV supports the systematic abuse of refugees and people seeking...

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