WACA is unapologetic in its commitment to resistance through non violent direct action. When our leaders refuse to act, the community must step forward, take action and lead the way.

Ten ways activists can encourage and support whistleblowers

Whistleblowers from within institutions, corporations, government departments, police or military can be critical to movement success, and their testimony is often the key to exposing and resisting injustice and creating change. Institutions clamp down on and deter whistleblowing for good reason. Whistleblowers can shake major institutions.  They can feed vital...

Close The Bloody Camps - WACA Goes To Parliament #Justice4Refugees

We travelled to Parliament to speak truth to both sides of politics. To tell them that they are complicit in the murder, rape, torture and child abuse of refugees, that they are playing political games with people’s lives. We did this to demand that they close the bloody camps and...

WACA & the Climate Guardian Angels in Paris

WACA and the Climate Guardian Angels, are poised to descend on Paris for the COP21 Climate Conference (30th Nov-12th Dec 2015). The G20 Dream Team is taking the true voice of the Australian people to Paris, and along with our southern brothers and sisters we are ready to hold the...

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